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Papa Justify ULTIMATE REVENGE Voodoo Wicca SPELL


Welcome To Papa Hoodoo's Magick Spell Shop!

This auction is for one " Ultimate Revenge " black magick Papa Justify's revenge paybacks spell. I am Papa Hoodoo, when I am performing my powerful black magick spells I use the name Papa Justify , as justice is about to be brought to someone you know, O' yes much deservingly so! 

Use this spell to send a powerful hex against an enemy! Cause impotency, memory loss, STD's, bad mojo, rapid hair loss , rapid teeth rot, skin rashes, major hot and cold flashes, financial destruction, broken heart, make them long for the good ole days before they done did you wrong! This is a black magick spell performed to full strength using the proper magickal herbs, candle magick, chants, oils, sacred stones and other magick root work as required to perform the spell correctly.

This spell is performed directly for you and NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED. You will receive an email after your spell has been completed letting you know it was performed. I WILL PLACE THE SPELL on a ring for you AT NO EXTRA CHARGE and ship to you DISCREETLY FOR FREE if you include a note WITH YOUR PAYMENT (very important) and state your ring size and a couple of color choices of your favorite colors. Please also let me know if you are male or female, male rings will be stainless steel or pewter. Womens rings will be Swarovski Crystal, Malay Jade(only available in green), or Austrian Crystal.

About Me:  I have been performing spells for over 25-years and practice in old & new world Wicca, Native American practices, Haitian, African & New Orleans voodoo, and deep south hoodoo straight out of the bayous! Some call me "Master High Voodoo Priest", others "The Lone Witch" an authentic american witch, the natives call me "The Wicked Wolf Of The Woods".....as this newest ebay store of mine I am dedicating to one of my favorite types of magick to practice, deep south american hoodoo, hence another nickname I've often been given by friends and locals I help....."Papa Hoodoo"

FAQ's : Yes, I am the owner of the Hollywood Famous & Worldwide Famous "The VOODOO MAGICK Shop" I hope you enjoy my newest site where I get to have a little more fun with my favorite type of magick! We have over 22,000+ positive transactions as an 11-year ebay gold & platinum powerseller

GUARANTEE : If you do not feel the spell is working for you after 2-completed moon cycles I will recast your spell for free, I'm here to help you with your goals and hope that you will be Papa Hoodoo's newest friend!

Item #pjultrev1

Regular price $39.95 

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